Multiplication Scoot (Freebie!)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012
I am always looking for FUN ways to help my students learn their multiplication facts. This year we are using “Go Math”, which makes students think about how they are getting a certain fact. It has really helped some students, but I still believe that multiplication facts are something you just have to memorize. Most students don’t study flashcards at home, so I use whatever few minutes I can find during the school day to review them.

One of my favorite (quick and easy) ways to review multiplication is:

Multiplication Scoot!

       I love this game, but I can in NO way take the credit for it. I found it over at an awesome sight called Proteacher during my internship. If you know the person I can give the credit to, let me know because they deserve AWESOME credit! =) The amazing thing about this game is that you can alter it for ANY type of review. Below I’ll explain how I use it for math.

1.       1.  Label each desk with a number. In my classroom, the desks are in rows so the children know that the desks are numbered 1 -20 starting at the front of the room and going across each row all the way to the back.

2.       2.  I have a set of multiplication cards handy pretty much all of the time. If we ever have an extra ten minutes I stick a flashcard face down on each desk.

3.       3.  I then have each student stand up behind their desk and push their chair in.
a.     At this point I always remind students about behavior.
b.     I also remind them they will only have 20-30 seconds to answer each problem.
c.      Finally, we all point to the way we will rotate because someone always forgets. =)

4.        4. We then start the game. I set a timer to 20-30 seconds. Each time the timer goes off everyone rotates quickly and quietly. Since I have 20 desks in my room the game lasts about 10 minutes.
a.     At each rotation the child writes down the multiplication problem AND the answer.

5.           5.  Once everyone is back at their original seat, we check our answers quickly. Each student reads flashcard at their desk, and the class responds with the answer.

            The students LOVE this game because they can get out of their seat and move around. They also
like that they must think fast so they are ready to move on before the buzzer sounds. There’s never much
time for anything fun since we are always rushed with our normal math, but if we ever have a light day
and happen to finish early, we try to do this.

           The worksheet below has enough spaces for four Scoot games. My students keep this in their
math folder so it is ready to go at all times.  I also LOVE this game for review for other subject areas. I
used it for history during my internship, and the students loved it. They had 3-5 minutes to complete a
question (they were allowed to use their textbooks) and they forgot that they were completing boring
questions and actually had a little fun. If you want the template for history/science reviews let me know.

           I am a newbie, and couldn't for the life of me, figure out how to attach a google document. Any
tips would be greatly appreciated for my next post. For now, you may download "Multiplication
Scoot" on my empty TPT store. =) If someone helps me figure out google docs, I will change the upload
format to that. If you download, please leave a comment! =)

          Do YOU have any fun, easy ways to review multiplication with your kiddos? I am always
looking for new ways to make learning and review multiplication fun for my students! =)

                             Download Multiplication Scoot Here!

                                Hope ALL of you had a very Wonderful Wednesday. 
                                          Two more days until a LONG weekend! 


  1. I don't know. =( It worked for me? Did you use the TPT link at the bottom? Im new to this blogging stuff and don't know how to make all of the linking, etc. work. haha.

  2. This sounds like lots of fun!! Thanks! :) Found you from Abby at Third Grade Bookworm's blog! Glad I found you! :)

  3. I cannot stress enough the importance of regular math facts practice. I still see students making mistakes in larger problems due to inaccuracy with their basic facts. Please work with your child daily on his/her basic facts. This can include addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Practice can be done orally, on the computer, or by writing out problems.

    Multiplication games

  4. I can't wait to try this with my fourth graders for their fact fluency segment of our day. Thanks for the efficient (4 to a page) multiplication Scoot recording sheet freebie!!!

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