They're Back! (& Our NEW Library)

Thursday, January 5, 2012

            After two teacher workdays, my students finally returned today. This morning we took some time to talk about our goals for the New Year and we did an awesome New Year’s activity that is all over Pinterest. I used the “Glyph Girls” free download on TPT... You should check it out!

First, we talked about our class goals. I thought this was important to do since I started in the middle of the year. I see 2012 as a fresh start for us as a class, a new beginning. My students really did a great job of picking some great goals. I put them on cute pieces of paper and put them on our classroom door.

Next, I gave each student the chance to reflect on a goal they would like to have for 2012. They came up with some GREAT ideas. After we all had a goal in mind, everyone shared, and then we made our cute people.(Once again, this project came from the Glyph Girls!)  =)

We spent most of the afternoon checking out our NEW classroom library. I was SO fortunate to receive a ton of donated books from a sweet Girl Scout Troop and members of my church. I also love going to garage sales, so I had stocked up on a pretty good amount of books.

Over the break I painted bookshelves, bought new baskets, and organized and labeled every single book in our classroom library. (Do you know how long it takes to put the AR level and quiz number in every single book? Actually, most of y’all probably do. Haha)

We talked about all of the genres, how the books were organized, and how to go about checking out books in the classroom library. Everyone was super excited about the new library and I was super excited that they were so excited! =) After we discussed rules, etc., I gave them a chance to pick out a book and we had some quiet reading time so that they could really enjoy our new addition. 

            I hope you guys have all had a great first week back. I love that tomorrow is already Friday!


  1. I love your new library. It is fantasy and organized and clean and organized and colorful and organized! ;)

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  3. Your library looks great! I've awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award. Check out my blog for details. :)

  4. Your classroom looks great! I have nominated your blog for an award, head over to my blog to claim it :)

    Kylie :)

  5. Welcome to the blog world and your new classroom! You'll be great :)

    Lisa :) (new follower)