Life is CRAZY + Fun Fraction Lesson

Tuesday, April 3, 2012
WHEW! These past two weeks have been CRAZY.

1) Testing starts NEXT week. We have reading next week, and math the next week. This means we have been reviewing (and reviewing some more) nonstop. I am so ready for these tests to be over so we can do some fun spring activities. I am also SUPER nervous about administering all of these tests! So much pressure! HAH!

2) Life has been crazy busy... and to top it off, last week I had the flu! Yuck. I haven't felt that miserable in a long time! This weekend (and all last week) all I did was sleep. I had so many other things I needed to get done, but I didn't even feel like moving! ... Oh the joys of being a first year teacher and catching every sickness possible! =)

3) Being a first year teacher I have not had a chance to breathe the past two months. I haven't had any time to create new lessons and stay up to date on this blog, its CRAZY. I am currently attempting to work on a short unit on the solar system. I am hoping to get it done so we have something fun and new to do after testing is complete... fingers crossed! =)

I haven't posted a lesson idea in a LONG time, 
so I thought I would share a fraction mini-lesson I used last year! 

Adding Fractions (Trail Mix) Lesson Idea and Worksheet:

Tonight I decided to share with you guys a short math fraction lesson I did last year during my internship in  fourth grade. We were working on adding fractions with same denominators, so in order to review I decided to add some food and make the math lesson hands-on. I also LOVE making lessons relate to real life situations. So, making a recipe and doubling it works on both adding fractions, cooking and using measuring cups. My kiddos enjoyed the lesson and loved eating the yummy trail mix afterwards. I hope this handout and lesson is something you can use in your classroom sometime! =)

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