End of the Year Idea and Freebie!

Monday, May 21, 2012
Tonight I have a quick end of the year activity for you. 
I did this with my kids today and I LOVE it because it is super simple, but it allows my students to reflect on their year AND it gives me an idea of what my kids liked/didn't like in 3rd grade. I plan on sharing these worksheets with my new class in August. I might put them in a small binder for students to look through or display them on a bulletin board for the first week.

I LOVED looking through these! Some of my kiddos answers were hilarious! =) Everyone seemed to agree that testing was the hardest part about third grade.  I also was able to discover that some of the little things I was doing, that I didn't even really pay attention to, were things that my students enjoyed! I plan on looking back through these as I plan for next year!

Hopefully one of you can find this document useful as well! 
You may download this for FREE on my TPT store.
You will be downloading a word document so you can alter it to meet your needs.

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