Characters/Setting Center Fun (&Freebie!)

Sunday, June 10, 2012
Whew! Boy, have I been busy! I have had an insane week. VBS, babysitting every single day, painting my classroom, and a wedding last night. My poor little blog has been a bit deprived. =(

I have FINALLY finished the first (of many...hopefully) TpT products that is on my summer to-do list. 
I am proud of this pack. It looks a little bit more like some of the super professional ones I see on TpT all the time. I am really trying to step up my game. HAH. 
I still have a LONG ways to go to get to most of yalls creating skills. =)

The first skill my students learn during literacy block in the fall is setting/characters. I made four easy to use and fun centers to implement during literacy block. I can't wait to get these laminated and prepped for the fall. We stay on each skill for two weeks so I plan on using two centers each week. This center pack contains EVERYTHING you need for all four centers. All you have to do is print, cut, and laminate. Easy as can be!

Click HERE to purchase the Setting and Character Center Pack!
This center pack is on SALE for only $3 for the next TWO days.

Now for the FREEBIE...
My students have a binder for literacy block. I have am in the process of making a handout to go with each skill that we cover. Below you will find the handout for the skill character/setting. Students simply place this in their binder and fill it out. They keep this end their binder in case they ever need a reminder about a particular skill or topic.

Click here to grab the Setting and Center Handout!

Thanks to all the lovely people who proofed this for me. =) This is my first bundle of items I have posted on TpT and I am hoping someone can find a use for it. =)
As always,  love it when you leave some love! =) 


  1. This looks great! Thanks for your creativity and sharing the freebie!

  2. This packet truly came out great!! Love the handout! Thanks for sharing! :)

    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  3. We just found your blog and are your newest followers! If you get a chance we would love for you to check us out! Thanks!
    Lisen & Katie