Monday Made It!

Monday, July 30, 2012
First off, is anyone else having trouble getting ANYTHING done with the Olympics on? I have this fear that if I turn off my TV or even leave the room where the TV is I might miss something important (...Ryan Lochte swimming haha). I don't know how I am going to be able to get everything I need to get done this week with the Olympics on. Yikes! 

Now, on to the linky. I absolutely LOVE Tara's Monday Made It and I have been so inspired by everyones creativity this summer. Today I am SUPER excited to show you my "made its"! =) 

The first thing I am excited to show you guys is my revamped desk. I had a large, old, fake wood desk in my classroom and it just wasn't cutting it. I searched for the perfect teacher desk on Craigslist and found a perfect smaller desk under the search heading "old teacher desk"... perfect right?
 I picked it up last week and it looked like this...

Cute... but plain and boring. Right? 
With a couple of coats of blue and yellow paint, TONS of tape and several hours of taping, I got this...
...a fabulous, revamped teacher desk.
Some of you guys might think I'm crazy for messing up a perfectly cute desk, HAH...
but I definitely love the results. It ties in perfectly with my classroom. I have a yellow wall, and I recently just finished painting all of my bookshelves blue. Perfect right? =)

Next, I can't wait to show you my Monday (Dad) Made It! Hah!
I have NO storage or counters in my classroom, so my wonderful Dad volunteered to make me some pretty amazing cabinets this summer. He has been working so hard and they turned out great! We moved them into my classroom this weekend! Check them out! =)

(The top picture is the before. The bottom picture shows my fabulous new cabinets!)

Like always, I can't wait to see what all of you lovely ladies have made this week!
I can't believe there are only TWO more Mondays in my summer before teachers report back.
I have sooo much to do! Ahh, better get started! =)


  1. Kudos to your dad!...the cabinets are fabulous AND the desk, too!

    Classroom Capers

  2. Girl look at your fabulous new furniture!!! Loving it! I so wish my dad lived closer because he is handy man just like your dad looks to be! That desk looks mega cute too. Great makeovers.

    Reaching for the TOP!

  3. Your desk looks awesome! And the cabinets too! That is so great that your dad made them for you!!

  4. I love the colors of your desk!! Especially the came out fantastic! :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  5. LOVE your desk! And what would we do without our moms and dads helping us get our rooms together?

  6. Ahhhh!! I knew that it would be fabulous!!

  7. Your desk looks amazing! And you're one lucky girl to have such a handy dad.

    One Happy Teacher

  8. WOW!!! Lucky you to have such an awesome dad!

    Shar W

  9. Sweet desk! It will definitely add a wonderful creative touch to your room! I'm your newest follower; please check out my Blog and follow me back!

  10. Cute desk! And chevrons are "in" this year! Have a great school year!

    Renee (3rd and 4th in Southern Cal)