A funny story AND a freebie!

Monday, October 1, 2012
Happy Monday, yall!

Funny story alert!
While reviewing the three states of matter on Friday, I asked the simple question...
"What three states can we find matter in?"
I called on an eager student and his response was...
"Well one of them is Alabama, right?"
This led to a discussion about what the word "state" means. HAHA.
I guess I didn't cover that word enough. Oops.
After Friday's funny moment, I think everyone knows that matter can be found in ALL 50 states! =)

Today I thought I would share another one of the matter activities my students have completed.
This is a simple review of the three states of matter.
My kiddos love any type of cut/glue activity so I made them a quick little matter sort worksheet.
The purpose of this is to just reinforce the difference between solids, liquids, and gases.
This is an example of one of the files you can find in the matter unit I just posted on TpT!
(We will talk about more about the unit later this week...)

You can download it for free on Google Docs HERE.
I made this little activity free because it doesn't have any fun graphics.
I don't have enough stored graphics on my computer to cover solids, liquids, and gases...
and I would have had to of purchased several different sets to get what I needed.
So, I just decided to make is  a sort using words. 
My kiddos still enjoyed this for morning work this morning.

I am trying SUPER hard to get back in the routine of posting on here more often.
It is just insanely hard because for some reason I am so busy.

WAIT! One more thing... =)

I also want to link up with Lisa at Learning is Something to Treasure for her FREEBIE Flashback.
One of my very first freebies was my multiplication scoot.
Looking back at some of my very first freebies... I have come SO far.
But, the great thing about this freebie is it is simple, but fun!
Check it out HERE! 
(and then head over to Lisa's page to check out some other fabulous freebies!)

Have a FABULOUS week and Happy October!


  1. That is a hOOt! I love moments like that. :)
    Where Seconds Count

  2. Oh my goodness I love that...it's the best when they innocently say something hilarious. States of matter is coming up for us soon too.
    Traditions, Laughter and Happily Ever After

  3. Ha! I love how kids interpret things differently then what we mean all of the time! Thanks for sharing your great freebie & linking up! :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  4. I love the answers to the states of matter :)

  5. Thanks for the good laugh! I could never have another job...Kids are the most fun people to spend time with. I love your owls! Thanks, to0, for the freebie!
    Owl Things First!