Halloween Goodies!

Monday, October 29, 2012
I absolutely LOVE holidays... like all of them.
I love the crazy, hectic parties and all of the festivities.
We don't have much time to stop for Halloween, 
but I am planning on incorporating some fun activities into our normal day.

It isn't a holiday without TREATS, 
so tonight I made my spider goodies for my kiddos.
My mom used to make these for my class when I was little
so she was pumped when I told her I was carrying on the tradition.

How to make Halloween Spider Goodies:
(Best part about these, the supplies cost less than 7 bucks!)
1) Cut out a large square of black netting and fill the middle portion with candy.
2) Cut pipe cleaners in half. You need four half pieces of pipe cleaners for each spider.
Using your pipe cleaners, form 8 spider legs. (This also holds the netting together.)
3) Using a hot glue gun, glue eyes to the top of the netting. (Netting might need to be trimmed first.)

Your kiddos will be sure to love these fun treats!
(At least I hope mine will!!)
Have a fabulous Halloween! =)

Also, Congrats to Andrea at Reading Toward the Stars 
for winning my Halloween Craftivity from last week! =)

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