Last Minute Valentine Freebie (& Giveaway Reminder!)

Monday, February 11, 2013
Wow! How in the world are we already 11 days into February?
I haven't even thought about what I am going to give my kiddos on Thursday.
Last year I made bookmarks, 
but I just brought everyone back a bookmark
from my trip to Nicaragua, so that leaves me searching for a new idea.
I've been searching Pinterest (nonstop) for ideas.
I need to make a decision and get started! Yikes!
First off, head over to TPT and download my Valentine's Day ABC order freebie.
Its short and sweet and would be perfect morning work for your loves on Thursday. =)

Another fun Valentine Activity we started today...
In our reading curriculum we are currently talking about sequence.
We have been talking a lot about recipes because they always have a sequence.
With Valentines Day coming up, I thought it would be fun to write love or friendship recipes.
I have heard of the idea of making silly recipes before, so I can't take credit for the idea.
I just wanted to share in case anyone else is at this point in the curriculum.
I made some paper to go along with this activity, 
but I hate to post it since this wasn't my original idea! 
I am always SUPER scared about copyrights and posting something I'm not supposed to! 
Anyone else ever get nervous about this?
I you think you could use the recipe papers, let me know 
and I'd be happy to email them to you for your personal use! 

Last but not least...
Don't forget to enter my GIVEAWAY!  It ends of Valentine's Day!!

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  1. Just found your blog! Too cute!! :)