End of the Year Math Review FUN!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013
I have become addicted to task cards. My kiddos this year have been SO active that task cards are a great way to get them up and moving around while they are still learning. This weekend I created a set of end of the year math task cards for my students to complete this week. We completed the first half today and we will complete the second half tomorrow. 

(Side note: Tomorrow is our last full day of school... 
Where as the time gone?)

While I was trudging away at my computer, I went ahead and made a set of 30 math task cards based on 2nd grade common core standards. I am planning to use these during the first week of school next year with my 3rd graders to review the 2nd grade skills they should know. These would also be great for current second grade teachers to use at the end of this year. 

Task Card Details:

Both downloads come with 30 task cards and two different versions of an answer sheet.
You can find all of the details by clicking on the TPT links below. 

One more Preview...

Check back tomorrow for a fun end of the year FREEBIE. =)

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