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Monday, July 1, 2013
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Now on to the post...
Do you guys ever look back on some of the very first TPT products you created and wonder why in the world people buy them? Hah! One of my first products has turned into a great seller for me, but man, I kept looking at it and knew it needed a facelift.

So, today I decided I would post my Monday Re-Made It!

Right when I started TPT, I was afraid to buy clipart/borders/etc. out of fear that I would just keep losing money (I know.. I am CRAZY). So everything I created was with a free border or graphic. Don't get me wrong, there are some pretty great freebies out there, but my stuff really started looking better and improving when I stopped being afraid to purchase things for my products. 

So, this summer I went back and gave my character and setting pack some new spark and life with some new clip art, borders, and fonts. I really like the updated version! And, I even added a few fun new resources to the pack. 
Basically in this pack you will find everything you need to supplement your character and setting unit. You will find easy to use centers, graphic organizers, and posters.

What is included:
- 4 centers (with materials, direction sheets, recording/response sheets
-Character and setting graphic organizers
-Character and setting posters

Center Break Down:

Center 1:
Students will match characters to the correct setting. Then, they will record their answers on their answer sheet. Finally, they will come up with two more possible characters for each setting.

Center 2:
Students will select a simple picture book and read it with a partner. Once they have read the story, they will discuss the characters and setting and record their findings on an answer sheet.
Center 3:

Students will randomly draw a setting and three characters from a bag. After selecting a setting and the characters, each student will create a silly story using the setting/characters they have chosen.
Center 4:
In this memory matching game, students will match the character to the setting you would most likely find him/her. At the end of the game, the student with the most cards is the winner.

Other resources you will find:

I use everything in this pack to teach Characters and Setting with my kiddos. We also introduce graphic organizers in this unit which is why I have included several different options. Please check out this unit at my TPT store. =)

Well there you have my Monday Re-made it! 
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  1. It looks great, and I know you have a feeling of relief!! I've been updating some of my older packs, and it's like I can't do it quick enough before people start buying!! I mean, they were really horrible, lol!!!

    The Daily Alphabet

  2. I added you Characters and Setting pack to my wish list. Can't wait for TpT to have another big sale.

    I'm your newest follower!
    Hooty's Homeroom