Beginning of the Year Math Review FUN!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Hey, Gang! I have posted about these before during the FUN end of the year craziness, but these packs are selling pretty frequently on TPT with school beginning soon as well! In case you missed these the first time, or didn't think about how they could also be used at the beginning of the year, I thought I would share again. 

Basically, these are mixed math task cards for 3rd and 4th grade teachers. (There is a pack for 3rd grade and a pack for 4th grade.) Third grade teachers are purchasing a set of mixed math task cards to review key 2nd grade standards with students at the beginning of the year. Fourth grade teachers are purchasing a set of mixed math task cards to review those key 3rd grade standards. I am excited about using these cards because it will be a FUN way for me to do a quick assessment of my new students math skills before we dive in to 3rd grade skills. I hope my students will also enjoy answering these task cards by playing a game of scoot. 

Side note: I tried out the 3rd grade review task cards with my previous group of 3rd graders in May and they loved it! It was a great tool to use at the end of the year and it gave me time to go back over the skills I could tell students hadn't totally grasped. 

Task Card Details:

Both downloads come with 30 task cards and two different versions of an answer sheet.
You can find all of the details by clicking on the TPT links below. 

One more Preview...

HAPPY LAST WEEK OF SUMMER (For me anyways...) Tears!
How do you assess your students at the beginning of the year?
I would LOVE some tips and tricks!

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  1. Task cards ARE great for review at the end or beginning of a school year...and I, too, love the Scoot game! ~Deb
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