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Saturday, December 7, 2013

I don't know about you, but I REALLY enjoy teaching science. I hate that both science and social studies are often forgotten or pushed aside because of the emphasis on math and reading. Even though I do understand the importance of reading and math, I also think science and social studies are important! I enjoy making science units/lessons for my students, so when our textbooks didn't go into too much detail covering simple machines... I started investigating and creating. With the holiday CRAZINESS going on right now, I just created a quick mini-book and assessment activity for my students. I also created some posters to display in our classroom during the unit. I have found some GREAT resources online for making this unit hands-on. Check the bottom of this post for a link to my favorite resource!

Simple Machines Mini-Pack: What will you find in this unit?
This pack is made to be a quick and helpful resource for you to use during your simple machines unit. Pair these activities with several interactive activities that can be found online and your students will be able to identify and classify all 6 simple machines.

- 6 Simple machines posters

-Simple machines mini-book

-Simple machines quick check
Like what you see? Check out this mini-pack on TPT.
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Edhead's Simple Machine Investigation!

After each type of machine has been discussed, I plan on taking my students to the computer lab to investigate the different type of simple machines using REAL-LIFE examples. Edheads has a great interactive website to use with simple machines. They even provide a worksheet students can complete while they are exploring the website. I cannot wait to introduce this activity to my students next week. I definitely think it will be a hit. I LOVE that students will explore different areas of a house to find real examples of simple machines… Love making those real-life connections. Click the link below to head to the Edhead's website. Make sure to check out their lesson plans and resources.

Y'all have a terrific Saturday! 
The 2 week countdown is ON until Christmas Break.

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