The EASY way to coupon.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014
This is totally not teaching related but this is something I found and LOVE and I just had to share! I've mentioned this app to several friends and to my surprise they didn't know about it. Back to educational stuff sooooooon! =)

I LOVE Target.
Sometimes I think I might even be obsessed with it.
(Just like I am obsessed with Stitch Fix
shopping problem perhaps? Hah!)
My wallet, however, does NOT like it...
but it does love Cartwheel.
What is Cartwheel you ask?
It is a fabulous Target coupon app.

Want to buy eggs? No problem.
Just search for an eggs coupon in your app.
Want a new shirt? No problem.
Just search for shirts in your app.

You won't always find what you need, but you might be surprised how often you will discover that Target has a coupon you could (and should) be using. My favorite part of this app is that the coupons store in your app and when you get to the cash register you simply show the bar code that is located in Cartwheel. They scan the coupon and... taddaaaa you have save all sorts of moolah and you no longer have to feel guilty for buying things you don't need at Target. =)
Do you have an App that helps you save and coupon?
Let me hear it!

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