New school year... New GRADE! Ah!

Monday, June 30, 2014
Well, its official.
Next year I will be moving on up...
4th grade here I come!

I still see myself as a relatively *new* teacher,
but its been nice to have been in the same grade for three years.
I am EXCITED and a little nervous to move to a new grade.
So much new stuff to learn! 
But also... so much new stuff I can create! 

Have you moved to a new grade?
Let me know how it was! Any tips?

Also, let me know your favorite 4th grade blogs!

Excited and ready for the "Adventures of Ms. Smith.... in 4th grade!"
I'll be back soon with some decor ideas and resources I have been working on!

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  1. I taught first grade for 3 years then 2nd for 7. Started last year as a 4th grade teacher, changed schools in January and was back in 2nd. Will be teaching 3rd in the fall! I'm excited, but nervous. For the few months I was in 4th grade I really liked it.

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