It's July!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Does anyone else need background noise? I do! I'm "watching" the Today show while I work.


Is anyone else LOVING the World Cup? I've got my USA tank on and I'm pumped about heading to a local brewery with 1000 of my closest friends to root for the USA today! Will you be watching?

Summer… Where have you gone? I go back to school at the beginning of August. I better enjoy my last month of freedom!


I would love to get into my classroom. I love getting it prepared early so when the back to school rush starts I don't have to worry about it. Babysitting is taking over my summer! It's good for my bank account but BAD for my classroom! hah!


I need to work on my lesson plans because...

4th grade here I come!

I still see myself as a relatively *new* teacher,but its been nice to have been in the same grade for three years.I am EXCITED and a little nervous to move to a new grade.

So much new stuff to learn! But also... so much new stuff I can create!

Let me know your favorite 4th grade blogs!

//4th plans//

I love the 4th! Whether it's hanging out with family or going to the lake, it always seems like there is something fun going on! This year I will be hanging close to home, but my fam will hit up a massive rummage sale and catch the fireworks at night.

Happy July and Happy 4th of July!

Also.. GO USA! Turn on those TVs and watch this afternoon!


  1. I love that I can work in my classroom all summer, but it's also kind of a curse. :) I always wind up spending way too much money and time in there. Have a great July! I'm your newest follower!

  2. I agree with you about summer! And I'm a fourth grade teacher as well! I can't wait to see what you have to share from your classroom this upcoming year!

    Beyond The Gradebook

  3. I am also a 4th grade teacher!! Welcome to the club! 4th grade is great grade and I LOVE IT! Hope that you enjoy the rummage sale and find some goodies! My hubby is a HUGE soccer fan, so I am sure that game will be on! Enjoy the 4th!
    A New Day of Learning

  4. I have been glued to the TV to watch the World Cup games. I love going to a soccer themed pub to watch the games. The atmosphere is so much better and everyone is pumped to watch the game. I am really hoping that USA is able to get out of the round of 16. I will be crossing my fingers. Enjoy your 4th of July.

    Ms Richards's Musings

  5. I'm super excited about the game today too! I'm also changing grade levels next year. I've made lots of changes in my 16 years, but this will be my first time teaching 2nd grade. Go USA!
    Funky First Grade Fun