Wordless Wednesday: Teamwork

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

This week I've been brainstorming some fun ways to encourage SYNERGY and TEAMWORK in my classroom. How do you encourage this in your classroom? I'd love to hear!

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  1. I encourage teamwork by using tables in my classroom. My number one rule in my room is you have to talk. I quit making copies for each student and tend to plan for group activities. I have done this K-5 and it just works. I do have to take a great deal of time having conversations on how this should look in the class. This also breaks down on behavior problems because they are always engaged. I change their roles often and everyone has to participate. :)
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  2. I definitely do a lot of group work. Self-evaluation and Group-evaluations have been the most helpful. Feedback from peers can be the best motivator. I am excited to hear you are moving to fourth grade. We will need to stay connected, for sure!

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  3. Hello! I found your blog from a post that you commented on a while back (and by a while back I mean April 2012!!) on Amber's blog, SSS Teaching. I found her post through Pinterest. It was the one all about her portfolio. Unfortunately, this is the one area that I feel my university didn't really prepare me for...well the whole interviewing process really. I'm searching for my first teaching job and would love some additional input on putting together a quality portfolio that will get me noticed. Your comment on her post mentioned a sheet that you had put together that has portfolio/first year info for interns. I'm just wondering if you still have this and would be willing to email it to me? Or if you can point me in the right direction if you have it posted somewhere. Thanks so much! I love your blog by the way!