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Monday, August 4, 2014

With the sounding of my alarm clock Monday morning went my summer vacation. Although I do LOVE my summer break, I am also SO excited to get this new school year underway.
New students (along with some old!!).
New grade.
New team.
It's going to be a fantastic year!

Fabulous in First Grade had such a fun idea to do a Back 2 School blog hop and giveaway! All week long some fabulous bloggers are giving some fun tips to make your first few weeks at school a success. 

So...without further adieu...
I am going to give some fabulous tips on...
How to survive the first week of school!

Coffee...Lots of coffee.

Go to bed EARLY.
Wait.. who am I kidding? On the first week of school we have WAY to much to do to go to bed early. So.. refer back to #1. Hah!

Finish your room early.
Don't spend too much time decorating your classroom. Give yourself a deadline to get your room prepped and stop when you hit the deadline. It is SO easy to get worked up over what your classroom looks like that you under prep for the important first few days of school.

The more detailed plans, the better for the first few days of school. 
Do you want to introduce and explain bathroom and lunchroom policies? Homework policies? Write a detailed list of procedures you want to teach so you don't leave one out! There is SO much to go over the first few days of school that it is easy to forget something important.

Get settled into a routine and dominate this school year.

What is your #1 tip for the first week of school! 
Let me hear em! =)

Now.. hop on over to 1st Grade Fireworks for the next day of blog hopping' fun!

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