Monday Made-It!

Monday, July 13, 2015
I'm not sure how or why summer weeks get so crazy, but they do! Somehow I still managed to get some things done, and even made a few things! Excited to link up with Tara over at 4th Grade Frolics for the first time in a LOOONG while! If you missed my blog post from yesterday, I am committing to getting back into blogging after neglecting my little piece of the internet for far too long. Read that blog post HERE! 
*It contains a gift card giveaway so go check it out!

Alright... on to what I made this week...

[1] Positive Notes Home
In my classroom, I LOVE sending happy notes home. 
(More on this subject coming SOON in another blog post.)
Last year I wrote them on whatever I could quickly find at the end of the day. That wasn't the cutest or most professional option, so I decided to make a fun post card I could copy, store, and easily fill out and use. Now I won't have to use a random piece of paper or sticky note to send home a happy letter. 

[2] Blog Twitter and Blog Pinterest Accounts
Even though I didn't make it to Vegas, I feel like everyone who went has been posting about the importance of a presence on social media. I'd love to connect with some of you guys on both of these new (to me) social media outlets!

*On a side note, does anyone else have a super long blog name that is too long for usernames on Pinterest, Twitter, and Periscope? SO frustrating. And, to make it even worse, my blog name can't be shortened. I had to get creative with my usernames for my new accounts. Ohhh well!

Well, thats it for this week's Monday Made-it! Can't wait to read along and see what all of you guys have made this week! 
Happy Monday! It's going to be a scorching hot week in the South!


  1. Kids love getting Happy Notes home. I had a student this past year that spent all of his tickets on positive notes and phone calls home. I loved that! Thanks for sharing!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  2. Oh, I'm definitely gonna have to stockpile some of these! Great tip!

  3. I LOVE your Happy Notes home. I wanted to make notes like these to use in my classroom this year and you just helped me by putting yours as a freebie! Thanks :)

  4. I too love sending home positive notes home. I love that you call them Happy Notes. Thanks for sharing :)

    @ Wiley Teaching

  5. Overall that's good information, i see.