Let's Make Some Inferences! (Part 2)

Tuesday, February 2, 2016
3 months later, here is the follow up to: Let's Make Some Inferences: Part 1!

Alright y'all, today's blog post is all about the 5 inferencing tasks I had my students complete. As I mentioned in my previous post, I used some fabulous task cards from Buzzing with Ms. B, along with some amazing video clips from Youtube, to create a 5 task assignment for my students. They simply worked through all 5 tasks in whatever order worked for them (My only rule was to not watch both videos back to back.) 

For tasks 1-3 my students simply read and completed three of Ms. B's task cards. I had them record their answer on a different answer sheet (included in the freebie below). These were great for discussion and practice. Thanks, Ms. B, for the outstanding resource.

For tasks 4-5 I used two awesome videos. There are no words in these videos, so students really have to make inferences. Watch each video below and download my free task sheet below to see the questions I asked my students to help them infer. There are TONS of additional inferring questions you could ask about these clips, but I just picked a few. 

Video Clip #1: One Man Band

Video Clip #2: Defective Detective
This video might be my favorite. This is about a detective who infers incorrectly. Love!

The task sheet I had my kiddos complete looked a bit different then the one I am attaching below. For you guys, I put all of the task card tasks on one page and the video clip task cards on another page. I hope this allows you to use both or just one in your classroom since they aren't all mixed together. 

These tasks were a MAJOR hit in my classroom and I was ohhhhh so impressed at how engaged my students were. I can't wait for my next hands-on technology lesson in my classroom... Of I go to start figuring out what I'll be doing (technology wise) next! = )

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