Emoji Obsessed - Monday Made It!

Monday, June 20, 2016
Hi friends!

Excited to join in with you guys for Monday Made It!

I'm moving grades AND rooms next year, so I've been working on updating some of my classroom decor. My classroom theme has always been BRIGHT and COLORFUL, but I thought it needed a bit of a modern upgrade... so I've been creating EVERYTHING EMOJI and it has been oh so much fun!

First up, I made a new behavior clip chart. We are required to use the same clip chart system school-wide so I figured I might as well freshen it up a bit! 

The clip chart to the left is the one I've been using several years. You can see my new Emoji one on the right. = )
Second, I decided I needed a new ABC banner.
The summer after my first year teaching (5 long years ago) I hand made an ABC banner that took FOREVER! It was old school and I hand cut out everything. I thought my old school banner needed a fun upgrade... emoji style! I can't get into my classroom to hang these up yet, but I am OH SO EXCITED at how they turned out! Eeek!
I am currently working on name plates but they aren't finished yet! Hoping this years' crew loves emojis as much as last years! Ha!

Are you EMOJI OBSESSED like me?
Both of these items are 20% off today only in my TPT store! 

Well, I'm off to cut out mounds and mounds of laminating so I can get these guys in place AS SOON as my room gets waxed! 

Happy Monday!