An app you APP-solutely need to try!

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Alright guys, in today's classrooms where iPads and apps are EVERYWHERE, I am always looking for fun new apps to use that aren't your typical classroom apps. Today I am here to tell you about and app I LOVE that you might not ever think about using in your classroom. I stumbled upon it last year when I was trying to figure out a way to crop my kiddo's pictures into a picture of a mountain so that they would look like they were climbing the mountain. I knew there just HAD to be something, so after some searching, I stumbled across the app Superimpose. The app costs $1.99, but it is AMAZING. I am going to attempt to show you how it works and give you some ideas how you can use it in your classroom below!

Why might you need this app in your classroom? 
Like I said above, I used it when my kiddos were doing a writing piece from the story "Oh The Places You'll Go".  We were reflecting on the "Kid, You'll move mountains" part, and I wanted to stick my kiddos onto a real mountain where it would look like they were climbing it. 
The results were AMAZING. 

So - when might you use this app in your classroom? Anytime you want to "place" your kiddos somewhere outside the four walls of your classroom. Are they reading/writing about China? Superimpose them walking through the streets of China. Are they researching about dolphins? Superimpose them riding on the back of a dolphin in the middle of the ocean. The options are ENDLESS.... so get creative! 

How do you use the app?
You are probably thinking... this app looks SUPER difficult to use. 
You are SUPER wrong! It is incredibly easy to use and your kiddos will be making their own pictures in no time! I showed my students how to use Superimpose and then they each edited and layered their pictures to make their own "climbing mountains" picture. 

Alright, ready for the easy step-by-step process to get your picture complete? Follow along below. 

Sounds easy enough, right?

I think you are ready to give it a try! Go download the app and play around with it! If you end up with an awesome finished product, tag me in it on Instagram! I'd love to see it! Have an AWESOME idea for how to use this app? Comment below and share it with us! I can't wait to use this app more frequently next school year!