Point of View (CC Edition)…Giveaway Alert!

Sunday, April 27, 2014
When I think of point of view I think of 1st or 3rd point of view.
Isn't that what you think?
Well, in 3rd grade, our point of view standard is a bit different.
Common Core states that in third grade students should be able to…
"Distinguish their own point of view from that of the narrator or those of the characters".
I see this being more like perspective.
How is your perspective similar or different to the author or characters?
This standard basically builds a foundation for students to learn the different types of point of view when they get to fourth grade.

I REALLY enjoyed teaching this standard because it allowed for lots of fun read alouds. As we read we decided if our point of view was the same or different than the author/characters. We would then discuss how and why they were different.

Two great books we read included:
-"Two Bad Ants"
-"McElligot's Pond"
I borrowed both of these books and I am going to buy them ASAP for my classroom library. They were both SUPER cute and helped teach this standard very well.

To finish the week I created some task cards to assess my student's individual understanding of these standards (There is also a nonfiction point of view standard we covered at the same time). They read each task card and responded to the question at the end of the passage. Students had to determine the author/characters point of view and determine if they felt the same way or not. Students seemed to really enjoy this activity.
(Sidenote: This is my first TPT item that I have created with Melonheadz clipart and I am OBSESSED. I now want to buy every collection of clipart in her store. They are too cute!)

How do you teach the new common core standards in your classroom?
I'd love some more fun ideas to add to my file for next year!

Leave any type of comment for a chance to win a free set of these task cards!
I will pick a winner this week! =)


  1. I'm going to use these books for reviewing Point of View again! My second graders will love the task cards!

  2. Your task cards look great!
    Fab and Fun in 4th!

  3. Great item! Enjoyed looking at your blog and TPT store! amanda78wilbanks@yahoo.com

  4. I love your great ideas!! rockingitin3rd@gmail.com

  5. I am your 400th follower on TPT!!! Looks like some great products! I would love to win this!! mrs.elder1@yahoo.com

  6. I totally see what you mean about what I normally think of for POV and what the CC says about it. Interesting...While I'm thinking about it, I'd love to win a set of you task cards!

  7. WOuld love a chance to win these task cards...my students would love to talk more about how they feel!

    tokyoshoes at hotmail dot com

  8. I love the story 2 bad ants!! These task cards look great!