About Ms. Smith

Hey Yall! I'm Ms. Smith! I'm a 5th grade teacher in the great state of Alabama! I LOVE all things student engagement and classroom transformations. I absolutely LOVE my job and I strive to make my classroom that my students love as much as I do every single day! 

Five Facts you just MIGHT not know about me:
1) Alabama Football is life. If you have been following my teaching journey for a while, you've seen countless football games, ticket drama, and lots of father/daughter game pictures!
2) This is my 7th year teaching and I have taught 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades. I have looped twice and looping is my FAVORITE.
3) Nicaragua has a piece of my heart! I love the culture and people there SO much! 
4) The BEACH is my happy place! 
5) Napping is my favorite.