AMAZING Ways to Use Pixar Shorts in the Classroom

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Last week I shared one of my FAVORITE Pixar shorts "Mike's New Car" on Instagram as a
way we practiced recording cause and effect relationships in our classroom. Although the
number one way our students should practice reading skills is through their own books, my
students REALLY enjoy when I throw a Pixar short at them to practice skills with. These
shorts are SO SO cute and you can literally find one for EVERYTHING.

I had LOTS of requests to share my favorite Pixar Shorts and skills they can be used with
in the classroom. My BIGGEST suggestion to you is to simply watch any Pixar short you
think you might want to use and decide what skill it would work best for. Most of them work
for plot, but seriously just watch them! You will see SO many different ways they can be
used! They are AWESOME and your kiddos will LOVE them.

I also had lots of requests for the graphic organizers I use with these Pixar shorts in my classroom! I created a pack for you guys that contains over 20 different generic graphic organizers that can be used with any Pixar Short. The file has a PDF version if you want to be able to just print and go, and an editable version in case you'd like to add in some starting points for your kiddos before printing.

Alright... now for the moment you've ALL been waiting for... 
a list of ALL the Pixar shorts I use and LOVE LOVE LOVE! I know I haven't included every single short out there, so if you see one missing that you love, let us know in the comments! 


  1. Lou! Great for character traits, development, change. Theme, lessons, central message etc. etc.