Hangable Crafts You & Your Students will LOVE!

Monday, July 8, 2019
I struggle spending time doing "crafts" in my classroom because they take up time AND space. Whenever I do a craft or activity, I try to make sure it is something worthwhile, along with something I can actually display. Last year in my classroom, we started completing HANGING CRAFTS and you guys... my students were OBSESSED. They take a little bit more time to hang, but I absolutely love how they make our classroom look... bright and cheery and they don't take up any space!

Craft #1 - Get to Know You Hangable Craft
This one is PERFECT for the beginning of the year! I plan on introducing one prompt per day for the first four to five days of school. Students will complete the prompt and then there will be a time for sharing! Once the crafts are complete, they will be hung up for the first month of so of the year!

Click HERE to grab this "about me" craft. = ) 

Craft #2 -Be the Light Hangable Craft
This one would also be perfect for the beginning of the year - especially with older kids! I choose to use this one after we return from winter holidays and they stay hung up in our room during the January/February months.

Click HERE to grab this "be the light" craft. = ) 

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