"Everything You Need to Ace..." - Books Your Kiddos Will LOVE.

Wednesday, May 6, 2020
This post has been sponsored by Workman Publishing, but all opinions are mine alone.

I know you guys have heard of these fabulous "Everything You Need to Ace...." books by Workman's Publishing that are available on Amazon. They have them for so many topics and are kid/teen friendly. They have them for Science, Math, Language Arts, American History, and now....
Computer Science and Coding.

What I love about these books are they are written in a fun and interactive way that will keep kids engaged and interested! It also headlines that the notes are "borrowed from the SMARTEST KID in Class" and "double checked by an award winning teacher". Ha! Don't we all wish we would have the notes from the smartest kid in class?  Now we have them.

Everything in the "Everything You Need to Ace..." series is straightforward and consistent. Vocabulary words are highlighted in yellow, definitions are in boxes, important items are written in blue, main ideas are underlined, and doodles and charts show the BIG ideas. I also love that the pages are easy to add  your own personal notes to because each page is full of lines. There are also "check your knowledge" sections that allow you to check for understanding... a formative assessment of sorts! 

If you want to keep your kiddos engaged and learning this summer in a fun and engaging way, I definitely suggest any of the "Everything You Need to Ace..." books, but especially their newest one about Computer Science and Coding. Computer Science and Coding is the way of the future and your kiddos will be so ahead of the game if they spend some time digging into this awesome book this summer!


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