Longitude and Latitude SCHOOL-WIDE Scavenger Hunt!

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Yall - my kids love MOVEMENT. They love to be out of their seats and together collaborating on a task. I (as the teacher) LOVE for them to be actively collaborating and applying a skill we have been working on so this longitude/latitude scavenger hunt is a WIN-WIN!

You are going to have to envision a couple of the pieces to this "hunt" because due to safety, I won't be sharing an actual example of our school map. But - If you are able to visualize what I am talking about, hopefully you will leave this blog post ready to give this longitude and latitude practice a try. 

Quick tip: This is a good CULMINATING activity or application assessment. I wouldn't suggest giving this a try until you know your kiddos have a pretty firm grasp on longitude and latitude. 

Okay now that we've covered the basics - lets hash out how to set up this activity and what is expected of your kiddos! First up, teacher set up.

Teacher Set-Up: Before we get started with the set-up, you'll need a map of your school. We have access to our school fire evacuation map/severe weather maps digitally. I simply download the new version each year that has updated teacher names. = )

1) Once you have downloaded your school map, make a copy of my Google document. This contains a page for you to insert your map onto, task cards you'll need to edit, and joke cards.

2) Open the document and click "change background" upload your school map as the background of the first slide. When you do that, your school map will move behind the longitude/latitude lines so that your kiddos can see the map and the lines. 

3) Pick locations in the school for students to "find" on their map. Write the longitude and latitude of those places on the task cards. You will need 8 different locations around the school. Print these task cards and place them around the classroom.

4) Print the "riddle" cards and tape one outside each room that students will have to identify. 

5) Make a copy of the recording page and the school map for each student.

Student Directions: Before giving students this task, make sure to clearly go over expecations.
1) Give each student (or group) a school map. Give each student a recording page. Tell them their goal is to find 8 words that are hidden at each absolute location. These 8 words will unscramble to answer the joke that is on their recording page.

2) Explain to students that they are finding ABSOLUTE locations in the school using fake longitude and latitudes. I tell them that they are to choose a task card and record the absolute location on their recording page. Then, they use the map to determine the location in the school. Once they find the location, they record it on their answer page.

3) Before ANYONE can leave the classroom, they must check their answer with me. I don't want any group leaving the classroom until I know they are going to the correct spot. Once I have checked it, they walk to that room in the school and look for the "clue word" that is taped outside the classroom door. They write it on their recording page and then head back to the room to complete the next 7 absolute locations. 

Teacher Tips: Before students get started, make sure to go over hallway expectations so that you aren't having to get onto students for running in the hallway, etc. = ) 


  1. What was the riddle or joke that matches your activity?

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