Tract Learning's FREE Summer Program for Kids!

Tuesday, June 7, 2022

If you have been around for a while, you have heard me talk about Tract and my LOVE for this incredible company and learning platform. Tract is a kid-driven website that is highly engaging and very high-interest for upper elementary students. Students practice 21st century skills, find projects they are passionate about, and create during project-based learning.

I already LOVE Tract - but believe it or not - they just made their platform even more AMAZING with the creation of their first-ever Summer Creator Camp. I know as educators (and parents) we push summer reading to prevent the “summer slide”, but what if we gave students more ways to prevent this slide besides just reading? Tract Summer Creator Camp can also help prevent summer learning loss all while developing skills required to succeed in the 21st century. 

Visit and use my code: MSSMITH to provide students with FREE access to all of Tract’s summer programming, including the first-ever Summer Creator Camp!

So what is the Summer Creator Camp?

  • Tract Summer Creative Camp starts on June 27 and every classroom account grants students access to this program.

  • Each day there will be activities and livestreams to help students level up content creation, video editing, and presentation skills.

  • Creator Camp will provide students access to six weeks of virtual, hand-on learning experiences that will take them from beginner to advanced.

What I LOVE about Tract Summer Creator Camp:

I was incredibly impressed as I looked through the Creator Camp information on the Tract website. It is so well thought out and organized for our students. The camp stretches six weeks and each day there is another topic being covered. The first week starts with videos about yourself, reaction videos, and gaming videos. By week three, students are using sound effects, creating stop-motion animation, and creating eye-catching text for videos. 

How to Assign Tract to your students:

If your students are already using Tract in your classroom, they already have access! If you would like to invite new students, simply send them the invite code directly from your educator account. 

Summer Creator Camp Schedule:

Like I mentioned earlier, Tract has done an AMAZING job thoughtfully planning out the content for this camp. Check out the image below to see the schedule and what your students will be learning! 

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