Online Challenges for "at home" Learning!

Monday, March 16, 2020
With all of the "at home" learning that will be happening for the next several weeks, I thought I would share what I plan on doing with my students because maybe, just maybe, it can help you too! Read below for the answers to some questions about my school district and my plan, and then all the way at the end I will share what resource I plan on sharing with my kids. I will continue updating the resource as I make more. Of course, it's free to anyone that might find it helpful! = ) 

Is "at home" learning required at your school?
I teach in the state of Alabama and as of now, schools are completely shut down and digital learning/at home learning isn't required. In order to keep my kiddos thinking critically, my goal is to pump out some FUN challenges for them to do at home that doesn't require much technology or internet. 

How will you push these ideas and challenges out to your students?
Thankfully most of parents are connected to my classroom using REMIND HQ, an text messaging communication system. I also have a blog, similar to this one for my classroom. It is very basic and can be accessed on any cell phone that has data. My goal is to send these challenges out to my students via remind and our blog. Students can then complete the challenges and send them back to me via commenting on the blog or responding to the remind. I will also let them know that they can compile daily challenges into a pile and bring them back whenever we return to school.

Are you requiring students to complete your challenges?
What will they earn for completing them?
No - challenges are not required and just for fun! I told the kids that if we did have to move learning "at home" based, I would give away some fun prizes for students that complete the challenges! 

How often do you plan on releasing challenges?
I plan on releasing three or so a week! If I get the urge to release more, then I will! Ha! 

Alright - CLICK HERE - to grab this resource in my TPT store for FREE. Right now there is only one challenge available, but I will continue updating the product as I make more. = ) 

Challenge #1 is below, but can also be downloaded on TPT! Enjoy! 

**If you have any FUN challenges I could add to this pack, comment below and let me know! I will use any help I can take in creating FUN and engaging activities for our kiddos.


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  2. For a Reading challenge, I had my third graders choose one of their favorite books to reread. After reading their book, I had them design a new book cover for it and post it to our Facebook page.

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