Upper Elementary Digital Resource Round-Up!

Monday, March 23, 2020
Hey friends! I hope everyone is staying healthy through this crazy! I have been working SO hard to create digital resources that you might find helpful during this time. My plan is to keep a running list of digital resources I have created here, so you can check them all out in one place. If you have ideas for a resource you need, let me know! I am happy to help in ANY way I can! Happy Distance Learning!

Item #1 - Digital Breakouts (using Google Forms):

These digital breakouts are PERFECT because all you need is a Google Form. These can be used with Google Classroom, or you can just send the Google Form link out to parents and they can solve it from their phones! I have created two different versions - a whole number one and a decimal one! Students solve 7-8 word problems and collect keywords as they answer correctly. At the end, they unscramble their keywords to answer a riddle. SO FUN! Check out this YouTube video for a better preview and explanation! 

Item #2 - Interactive Geometry Activities on Google Slides: 

I am SO excited about this resource! Students will complete ten different activities reviewing: angles, polygons, 3-d shapes, and Coordinate grids! The activities involve dragging and dropping, typing, etc. so it is very interactive! This was so much fun to create and I know your kiddos will enjoy completing it too! 

Item #3 - Digital Boggle Boards using Google Slides (and PDF):

I had several friends ask me for some Language Arts activities digital so I created some FUN Boggle Boards. These encourage critical thinking and are definitely going to keep students engaged. This resource has ten different boards: three 3x3 boards, five 4x4 boards, and two 5x5 boards. 

As I keep creating new items, I will add them here! If you have any suggestions for a creation, let me know! Stay safe and healthy, friends! 

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