Learning Paths and How They Work!

Saturday, December 18, 2021
Have you checked out Tract yet? If you haven’t you are missing out! I have spent the last couple of months giving you ALL the inside scoop on this new, incredible website. Back in October, I explained just exactly how you can use Tract in your classroom and in November I explained how easy it is to get yourself AND your kiddos signed up on the website. If you haven’t signed up yet, I suggest you go back to the two previous blog posts to get the full scoop before reading this month’s blog. Tract has free sign ups for teachers until the end of the year so make sure you get signed up ASAP. ​​Simply go to and use the access code MSSMITH to pilot Tract FREE in your classroom.
If you are signed up and your kiddos are registered, then you are ready to jump in head first into the amazing website that is Tract. This month we are going to dive into Tract Learning Paths  and how they work. (This is my favorite part!!)

Tract Learning paths are on-demand, self-directed classes that combine education with new media creation to challenge kids to think deeply and take charge of their education. One of the things that amazes me so much about these learning paths is the massive variety. You can find learning paths on so many different topics from sports to drawing, to animation, to a variety of social emotional learning tracts. 

How do Tract Learning Paths work?

When students select a learning path, they will first see an overview and sometimes they can even watch a trailer. I love this because it allows students to test out the path before they dive in too deep. The overview tells students how many missions are in the path so they know just about how long the path will take them to complete. It will also tell your students supplies they need, the difficulty level, and what category it falls under.

Once students pick a learning path, they simply work through each “mission”. These missions are simple and students find them to be very easy to follow along. Throughout different missions, students will be asked to upload pictures of their work. They can upload files, videos, and even record their screen. I love that you can also click through a gallery to see work from other students. It is an incredible experience that my students have the chance to learn and collaborate with students from all over! 

Ways to use these Learning Paths in December:

We’ve already discussed how Tract can be used for Project based learning, genius hour, and social emotional learning, but have you thought about how fun and exciting this website could be for students over Christmas break? If your students are familiar with Tract and have been using it during school, I encourage you to challenge your kiddos to continue to complete Tract Learning Paths over the winter holidays! These Learning Paths are a fun way to keep students learning and growing even when they are away from school. 

Have your kiddos been given a chance to explore Tract Learning Paths yet? If so- I’d love to hear what their favorite paths have been so far. If you have any questions - let me hear those too! Happy to help!

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